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Prayer Needs & Praise Reports

Imagine not telling anyone but the Lord what you need.  Please join the brothers & sisters in Eastern Europe in lifting their often unspoken needs to our heavenly Father. 

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Like George Muller, who literally depended entirely, and only, on prayer to feed, clothe, house, and educate thousands of British orphans, the brethren in Eastern Europe often pray and fast and look directly to the Lord to provide for their needs
We Have a Thick "File-Full" of Stories About the Lord's Miraculous Answers to Your Prayers...
Often, our teams arrive at a church or home and are met with exhuberant rejoicing as the Christians there tell our team members that they have been praying specifically for the Bibles and other items we brought! 
In other cases, our teams can observe very clearly (i.e. without being told) what the needs are as we see a family with only a few pages of the Bible to read; or a home with a caved-in roof and broken/boarded windows; or empty food shelves; or no shoes in the dead of winter. 
And, in still other cases, our teams are told by someone else about the needs being faced by new believers without a Bible; or a Pastor and family, a single Mom, a widow, an orphan, or street kids living without basic necessities...(including basic spiritual necessities such as a family Bible, a Pastor's Study Bible, a Children's Bible, and Sunday School materials).
They Can't Depend Upon Cash, Credit Cards or Bank Accounts
Your prayers count for so much in Eastern Europe where cash is scarce and evangelical Christians usually can't just write a check or charge urgently needed items to a credit card.  (And most consider a Bible to be an absolute necessity - asking for Bibles even before their "daily bread").


 ...A pastor in Kishinev, Moldova where the public schools have asked his church, and others, to "Please come and teach the Gospel - ASAP!"  While GNS was able to purchase some of the requested Children's Bibles, thousands more are needed so that each child can hear, and read, God's "love letter" for themselves.  


...the Ukrainian pastors who find it increasingly difficult to see the deep disappointment in the eyes of those newly baptized believers who must be told there are no more Bibles.  (The Ukraine revival we have been reporting on for many years continues to move throughout the country, particularly among children, teens and young adults.) 

...The pastor who leads the children's camp and the Ukrainian government.  The government has told our pastor that the camp in the mountains of central Ukriane (where the children's & teen's Bible camps - near Vinnitsa - are held each summer) must pay a huge sum in order to be granted a 49 year "lease" (despite the fact that the camp was legally bought and paid for by generous Christians in the USA and Western Europe).  The government also mandated that the camp build new restroom and shower facilities by this summer.  Each year hundreds of street kids, orphans and kids from non-believing homes come to the Lord in up to seven one-week camps conducted during the summer months.  Some of the needed funds have been recieved, but more are needed.  (For an update, click on "Children's & Teen's Summer Bible Camps" tab on the navigation bar above.)      

...The kids who came to the Lord during the Children's & Teen's Summer Bible Camps in the mountains near Vinnitsa, Ukraine.  Usually over 90% accept the Lord ,and many return to an orphanage, the streets, or a home where the parents are non-believers.  (Only about half the number that usually attend each summer were able to attend last summer because scarce funds were diverted for government mandates.)

...(an ongoing prayer request) that the Lord to touch many hearts in the US to help provide for the heart-rending requests for many more Bibles - and other cries for help we hear from the poorest-of-the-poor.

...the ongoing needs of the GNS teams, who often face difficult and time consuming border crossings.  Please ask the Lord to grant us continued access, protection, and the resources to meet the needs He reveals to us on each trip.


...graciously keeping the doors of Eastern Europe open for a while longer because there are more and more threatening signs that the winds of change may soon blow shut the current window of oportunity for the Gospel.


...the still ongoing revival in Ukraine and Russia, particularly among children, teens and young adults - may the work of the Lord continue and not be hindered or stopped.

...His presence, guidance, protection, and the many special (and sometimes miraculous) "encounters" the teams have experienced.


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