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About GNS

As God leads, and with your prayers & support, GNS is able to distribute Bibles, Children's Bibles, New Testaments, Pastor's Study Bibles, and Christian literature through evangelical churches, pastors and ministries in Eastern Europe.
We also partner with you where the Lord reveals often desperate needs for humanitarian aid for orphans, street children, widows, single moms, poor families, pastors, churches...including the "poorest-of-the-poor," and some who receive no other help from the West.
The result?  The right hand of the Lord (through you & GNS) brings strength & help in time of need.  Marvelous! 


We, who are personally involved in the ministry, commit to serve without pay and as God leads, in the giving of our time, talent, and treasure to further His Kingdom in Eastern Europe.

USA Board of Directors
Brother John*, Chairman
Anna Marie Lehman
Violet Miller
Doug Moore
Bob Nohr                      
Curt Riegsecker, President & Treasurer
Glen Riegsecker
Jeanne Riegsecker, Secretary
Stan Yoder, Vice President

*  Brother John is an evangelical Christian whom the Lord called over twenty-five years ago to bring the Gospel to Eastern Europe.  We call him "Brother" to protect his identity and because he is our brother in Christ.  

of your tax deductible gifts go to Eastern Europe

The GNS USA Board of Directors pledge to cover ALL administrative and fund raising costs in the United States.  We are an all-volunteer, IRS approved, non-profit organization.  The board wants you to know that ALL of the funds you give will be applied to the projects you designate and are tax deductible.

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