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The Lord added 33 to their number that very day

And  now  He  would   like  to  care  for  them . . .

Not too long ago, two young, evangelical Christian evangelists brought the Gospel to a Gypsy community in Ukraine.  As a result 33 people accepted the Lord.
The Gypsy families in this area, who often squeeze two families into a tiny house such as the one pictured on this page, have barely enough money to keep "body and soul together."  For example, because they can't afford shoes, their children must walk in stocking feet - often wrapped in cardboard - through foot numbing snow and biting winter weather.
Every winter a brother, who has worked with GNS for many years, takes food parcels and Bibles to these poor families.  The needs are just as great in other Gypsy communities scattered throughout Eastern Europe.

They need so much, but often ask first for a Bible
While "only" one family of 8 lives in this "house", you can see they don't have much

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